Characteristics of a Professionally Designed Website

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Having a website and having a professionally designed website are two different things altogether. Every website need not be professional. Some website’s might just look professional but they need not be so. Confused?

Let’s discuss what differentiates a professionally designed website from the rest!

  1. User Experience and User Interface : People call it UX/UI in short. Imagine a website with a whole lot of information which is not user friendly to use. It kills the basic purpose of having a website. If user’s find it difficult to use, they will just browse away from the website. Professional websites have a user interface which is very friendly to use and provides the best user experience.
  2. Follows the Trend: Like in fashion, web designs also have their own trends. For example, nowadays the flat design colours are in trend. So are the bigger buttons and navigational bars. Professional designs stand out and user identifies it with other professional sites they have visited creating a better user experience.
  3. Works seamlessly on all devices: A professional website will always adapt itself to the devices its viewed on, ranging from 4K desktops to tablets and smartphones. More than 60% of users in India browse on their smartphones and a professionally designed website will work seamlessly on them.
  4. Coded for the search engines: Search engines like Google view the raw HTML code of your website which is not seen to the visitor. A professionally designed website takes into account search engine behaviours and is designed to convey the purpose of the website to the search engines.
  5. Social Networking: Social media networks have an important role to play in marketing. A well designed website will include the social media links at the best possible places.

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